Our family at Matt's Graduation

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This weekend Baby and I are alone packing while the guys are up north enjoying sunny Michigan and its lakes. Daddy called and said he went barefooting. Josiah loved riding in the boat and watching. And Samuel has been a little sick, but still liked splashing in the water with Grandma holding him.

Daddy told Aunt Mindy and Uncle Rick about Baby. When Sue asked Mindy if they planned on having any more kids, Mindy said, "If Matt and Christa will first!" And Daddy said, "Okay!"

So we have begun telling our news to family. Aunt Jennifer was so very excited, as she thought we needed another one anyway. She thought little Lindsey needed a playmate since Brooke has Josiah and Jackson has Samuel.

I have begun feeling nauseas and fatigued. Not a good combo for moving, but so far, so good! The Lord is giving me what I need to get things going.

When Daddy and the boys come home, I will take them on to Nana's and Papa's house and leave him to finish the packing and loading. Josiah and Samuel will get one more visit to Mitchell before heading to their new house in Memphis.

LORD, we praise You for Your faithfulness! You have guided us to this point. You continue to show us step by step what You would have for us. Thank You for opening this fellowship in Memphis. Thank You for a house to move into. Thank You for this baby. We pray You will spare our family the trauma of another early birth. Please keep Baby in until he or she can survive life outside the NICU. Please wrap your peace around us during this time of transition. Go before us on Garden Street. Prepare a ministry for us. Open doors, help us to be sensitive to Your leading. May Your Kingdom by advanced and You receive Glory through our family this year!

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